The Junkanoo World is going to get shaken as the Valley Boys are about to get rebranded into a world-class organization.

Bahamas National is learning that leaders of “The Valley Boys” Junkanoo Group are coming under pressure by the membership who are demanding change for the organization.  Sources inside the group say that, in the 65th anniversary of the organization, Valley Pride has been crushed, with defeats in the last 12 parades on Bay Street.

The group suffered defeat in both the Boxing Day and New Year’s Day parades which were won not once but twice by One Family who brought a spectacular display of artistry to Junkanooers on Bay Street. 

The Valley Boys is managed by a management team which is chaired by BP’s good friend and brother Master Brian Adderley along with some 20 managers.

But, with noise from the backline and from the youth in the group, things must change in order for the group to move forward, improve and develop into the future.

Young Junknooners tell our news team that:

1) There have been no General Elections held for the powerful group in some seven (7) years! Democracy is out the window and things must change for the better!

2) The group with a membership of over 1,000 members has not gathered in a general meeting of the minds in some five (5) years!

3) The Group has ventured onto Bay Street without ANY SPONSORSHIP which confirms the group is dying a slow death!

4) Members have to beg like “a scrap gang” for funds to get ready for Bay Street year after year, making the exercise a near-impossible task!

5) After 65 glorious and some not-so-successful years Junkanooers inside the shacks are still “PISSIN” and DEFECATING outside the junkanoo shacks – especially the one on Claridge Road! This has contaminated the water tables in the area!

6) Group Members want to see the financials with NO Accounting or Audited Financials produced to the membership! 

A team of leaders to correct these challenges has assembled and has organized into a growing committee to change the direction of the Valley Boys!

In the last Junkanoo Parade, One Family, a now leading rival in Junkanoo, collected some nine major sponsors for the parade and has taken top junkanoo artists away from the Valley Boys. 

In a Steering Committee to Save the Valley Boys meetings at Breezes Hotel, a demand for change was announced. 


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