Renbert Mortimer II gained international notoriety when he was awarded as the fastest caricature artist in the world by the International Society of Caricature Artists (ISCA) back in 2017. He has won awards with the society at least two other times since then and continues to make his mark on the world by making people smile.

He didn’t choose to keep this great feeling to himself. He wanted other young people who are artistically inclined to have an opportunity to have the same kind of success he continues to experience. 

His company, RGMII Waynehead Productions, has grown to include at least eight talented, up-and-coming artists with the same passion for bringing joy to others. 

His project, Waynehead Studios, includes a spot in the Tourism Incubator in Downtown Nassau, putting the joyful art of caricature in the face of hundreds of tourists and locals daily. In addition to the new storefront, Waynehead Studios has a number of pop-up locations, including: Tiki Hut, Junkanoo Beach; Fusion Superplex; Baha Mar; The Gallery and Wine Bar; and Titan Hospitality Restaurants.

This energetic team of caricature artists also pop up at special events, engaging in conversation, learning a little about each person they draw. This has allowed for meaningful connections and thousands of homes with Waynehead art around the world. 

In addition to Renbert “Ren” Mortimer II, his carefully curated team includes: *Alrica Bain – Events and Talent Manager / Henna Artist/ Face Painter/ Illustrator/ Digital Artist / Traditional and Digital Caricaturist / Sip and Paint Artist / Comics and Book Illustrator*Darja Green – Artist / Portraits/ Realism / Caricatures
*Arnette Johnson – Artist/ Model/ Caricatures / Marketing / Graphic Designer
*Thaddia Simms – Artist / Art Educator / Creative / Traditional and Digital *Caricaturist / Graphic Designer
*Jordan Harvey – Art and Talent Manager/ Sip and Paint Manager

*Demetrio Henfield – Air Brush / Artist / Caricaturist / Graphic Designer
*Tajh Francis – Illustrator/ Digital Artist / Traditional and Digital Caricaturist / Sip and Paint Artist / Comics and Book Illustrator, and 
*Erin Whyley – new Trainee Artist

For more information on this group of artists making a difference, one caricature at a time, visit their main office on Bay Street, Downtown Nassau, check out, or WhatsApp 242-825-9390.


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