Statement: This year, the Registrar General’s Department celebrates 110 years as a Department, marking its super-centennial anniversary.

Unfortunately, RGD is being forced to operate as if has been plunged into the dark ages.

Key points of interest that affect the functionality of the office and the health and safety of the staff:

1.⁠ ⁠For the first time in the history of RGD, the top 5 revenue-generating agency is and has been without a competent Finance Officer for five months. As a result, RGD has experienced a backlog of unpaid invoices, calling RGD’s integrity into question.

2.⁠ ⁠For the past three months, RGD has been without a functioning elevator, which has posed a significant concern regarding safety and accessibility. As an agency based on a complex filing system in each area within the Department, a staff of mostly women have had to resort to transporting files in shopping bags up and down two flights of stairs in order to facilitate customer requests. The staff has yet to receive a status update on the elevator, despite the efforts of the sitting Registrar General, also a female, who continues to advocate for its swift repair.

3.⁠ ⁠There is the vexing issue of the absence of a working telephone system to provide efficient customer service. For the past four years, the lack of a telephone system has further exacerbated the operational challenges at RGD, leaving customers frustrated at the inability to access the department to obtain information or assistance.

4.Through successive administrations, RGD has not received the attention it deserves as a critical revenuegenerating agency that significantly impacts, the legal, financial and commercial sectors. The prolonged understaffing of the agency coupled with the ongoing influx of lower scaled employees continues to place an undue burden on the few senior members of staff and further diminishes the production and quality of service RGD is able to provide. The fact that the Ministry has a newly appointed Permanent Secretary, who is unfamiliar
with the operations and procedures at RGD, and appears to have adopted the trend of previous Permanent Secretaries by using RGD as a dumping ground, further complicates the issue.

5.⁠ ⁠There are employees of RGD, who have served for as much as 42 years. The staff wishes the Bahamian public to know that the feelings of neglect have persisted for far too long.

The frustrated staff of the Registrar General’s Department.



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