Dear Editor,

We can always depend only upon you to bring awareness to the dumbest that is perpetrated upon the Bahamian public in the name of the government who hardly is made known about it until you bring it to the attention of the public.

I was a passenger on Bahamasair first flight out of Freeport on Tuesday morning 7th February. All the passengers boarded the flight and little did the passengers know that almost half of the entire flight would have been occupied by illegal detainees being escorted to Nassau by Immigration officers.

The problem is not that this was new as Immigration had always fly their prisoners on Bahamasair and Western Air, but what was different is that I counted 2 RBDF officers and 3 Immigration officers, 1 female and 2 males on that whole flight and they were minding between 20 and 26 male illegal immigrants who could speak not a lick of English.

What in the world were Bahamasair and Immigration thinking to have put everybody on that flight at risk? What if those non-speaking illegal immigrants who occupied almost half of that early morning Bahamasair flight decided to get antsy and rebellious?

No way in the world those five officers could have controlled all those men onboard. Oh, I guess they expected the passengers and the 2 stewardesses to have jumped in and assisted eh?

I asked the person who was sitting next to me if they noticed what was going on and she almost could not contain herself for fear. I was whispering under my breath all the way to Nassau and was glad when we finally touched down in Nassau.

I travel Bahamasair no less than twice a week between Nassau and Freeport and have never seen this ever happen before. It is very scary. What is the New Day Government dealing with at Immigration? This was insane!

Something has to be done about this dangerous arrangement Immigration has with Bahamasair. They must always think about the traveling public before they decide to overload the aircraft with illegal immigrants and a handful of officers who all looked like they were scared to even grin.

Minister Keith Bell of Immigration, must not be aware of this and need to look into this asap as this is not good. Either they get their own charter or make sure to have more RBDF, RBPF, and Immigration officers on these flights.

Thank you for bringing this to the powers that be attention.


A SHOCKED Bahamian


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