The President and Chief Executive Officer of Western Air, Sherrexia Rolle has announced a new route for the airline from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Freeport, Grand Bahama. 

Rolle said, “we have been working for the past I want to say year and a half on trying to find the right time but also going through all the regulatory checks to ensure we’re good to go. We’ve been approved by all the relevant agencies so now it’s just fine tuning a few other things but we certainly hope the first quarter in 2024 will start off with that launch.”

Rolle expounded on plans for the new route saying, ”we will start off with one flight potentially around 9:30am leaving Freeport around 9:30am. Our prices certainly will be competitive. I don’t have the exact pricing as yet. As we know everything is based on fuel prices and all things considered we certainly will be competitive. We certainly will have discounted prices on very seasonal times and we will transfer over the frequent flyer program as well.”

The airline will not have pre-clearance for this new route but will operate from their private terminal. Rolle said, “of course that will be for people with US visas only or US residents/green card holders. And so they will clear US customs upon their arrival as what is being done right now in Fort Lauderdale.”

Western Air is the largest privately owned airline in The Bahamas.    


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