After serving in several capacities during his storied legal career, attorney Wayne Munroe, KC has taken his public service to a new level in his role as Member of Parliament for Free Town and Minister of National Security.

Just over a year since he claimed the Free Town seat in the 2021 General Election, Munroe has worked expeditiously to transform the Eastern New Providence community with the launch of the Uriah McPhee Primary School Breakfast Program, after-school classes to assist students who have fallen through the cracks, the establishment of a farm at Pilgrim Baptist Temple, the clearing of clogged drains and a Youth Football Summer Camp, which could pave the way for athletic scholarships.

The Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) MP has also assisted his constituents with funeral costs, launched “Lunch and Learn with the Minister” at C. I. Gibson and L. W. Young schools and hosted numerous community events during the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Munroe said his goal is to “turn Free Town into a progressive beacon for the rest of the country.”

“I am working for a better and more productive Free Town,” he added.

Last summer, a number of dumpsters were positioned in respective areas of the constituency to encourage cleanup by residents as Munroe’s team embarks on a beautification and revitalization initiative.

On the country’s 49th anniversary of independence, the MP participated in a seed planting ceremony as he launched “The Road to Food Independence” initiative in his constituency.

As part of the initiative , the community engaged in backyard farming to educate residents, particularly students, how to grow their own food.

Munroe remains hands on in his constituency despite serving as the minister of a critical ministry.

In his capacity as National Security Minister, Munroe oversaw the long-awaited launch of Marco’s Alert as well as Rehabilitative Welfare Service Assessment Case Management.

“No longer will families have to suffer through the agony of being told to wait for 48 hours before a search can begin for their missing children or loved ones,” according to Munroe.

Under his watch, a female inmate library was opened at Bahamas Department of Correctional Services (BDOCS), the prison chapel was renovated, police patrols were ramped up in crime hot spots and promotion exercises were conducted on the police force, Defence force and prison.

“We will aim to ensure that systems are in place that ensure that we recruit the best, promote the best and provide them with the necessary resources to accomplish the missions that they are assigned,” Munroe said.

His ministry has also committed to investing in the modernization of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF).

“Critical investments in a modern fleet complemented by other information communication technologies, transportation, deployment, and other means of power projection will be priority,” he said.

“Decentralization in the central and southern Bahamas are pivotal to ensuring our domestic border and key infrastructures are less vulnerable to transnational threats.”

Munroe has pledged to provide the same level of representation he gave on day one straight through to year five in an effort to positively impact the lives of Bahamians.

“I will continue to make opportunities available for you,” he said.


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