The residents of on the islands of Sweeting’s Cay and Grand Cay have complained about the water issues that they have been experiencing for some time.  Those issues have now been resolved.

Water and Sewerage Area Manager Tony Scriven said, “the residents sometimes are upset with is because we turn the water off at night or we turn the water off in non peak hours when we don’t expect residents to be using water.  We typically use that time and situation to store water so we can have water in the event that we have a mechanical issue that stops our production for some reason we’re still able to distribute water even if we can’t make it.”

Scriven went further saying, “so Sweeting’s Cay and Grand Cay had that issue for a while because we had mechanical issues and because they’re in remote areas and it takes some time to get to those areas to make a repair it best for us to keep proper water storage so we are able to serve our customers in those times.”

The Area Manager explained what measures have been taken to address supply issues of these remote islands. “On Grand Cay we’ve just installed and start to fill our 150,000 gallon storage tank.  Grand Cay uses about 20,000 gallons per day so that’s roughly like seven days of storage in the event that we don’t have  power or we’re unable to use our reverse osmosis plant.  Same thing with Sweeting’s Cay storage.  Sweeting’s Cay makes about 7,000 a day so we’ve upped their storage to 20,000 gallons.”

According to Scriven Water and Sewerage wants to deliver better service to the community and hopes that the residents of the affected islands are pleased.


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