Youngsters participating of the St. Barnabas Urban Renewal Summer Programme had the opportunity to join in camaraderie and community service before returning to the routine of the new school year. 

The kids joined in a community clean up effort designed to beautify the neighbourhood and improve the atmosphere for there kids who walk home from school and those who play in the area. 

According to Urban Renewal Center Manager Daphne Bannister, the children willingly worked together and even paid special attention to seniors during the end-of-summer event.

A dumpster was placed in the area and was filled to the brim with refuse. 

“The residents took advantage of this great opportunity to dispose all unwanted items in their yard,” she said. 

“Our Urban Renewal youth were very excited and energetic towards the cleaning, because they were being given the opportunity to make a positive contribution to their community,” Ms. Bannister added. 

The Department of Environmental health assisted with removing the dumpster once it was filled. The Department also conducted an impromptu garbage collection in the area. 

A group of the children also had the opportunity to visit Unity House and spend time with senior citizens and talk about their back-to-school plans. All participating children received a hot breakfast, snacks and love during this full day community service event. 

Mr. Calvin Brown and Mr. Kenneth Carrol, Urban Renewal Directors, visited the center and met with the staff to ensure that all is going well while expressing the importance of team work. They commended the work of the St. Barnabas Urban Renewal Team and were impressed with the results.

Their sentiments were backed by Minister of State for Social Services and Urban Development Lisa Rahming, whose portfolio includes purview of Urban Renewal. She supported the programme because it uplifted the youngsters and taught them the importance of volunteering in their community for a worthy cause.

Source: Felicity Darville

More photo Highlights below:

A young man leads his group to clean up and make themselves proud
A senior citizen in St. Barnabas proudly looks on as a group of youngsters helped to clean up her yard
Urban Renewal kids busy cleaning up the neighbourhood
a young man enjoys spending time with a senior citizens


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