Member of Parliament for South Beach Bacchus Rolle tours Teen Challenge with Dr Eric Fox during the Urban Renewal Small Home Repair Accelerated Program visit to the facility to repair the roof.

The Urban Renewal Small Home Repair Accelerated Program made an impact on the young men of teen challenge on Monday, July 17, when workers teamed up to swiftly repair the roof of the main building. The repairs were vital for the residents to feel comfortable in the place designed for them to commune and rehabilitate. The ravages of hurricanes have affected residents throughout The Bahamas. Minister of State for Social Services and Urban Development Lisa T Rahming says with hurricane season underway, the Small Home Repair Accelerated Program is critical to assisting residents whose homes are in danger of being flooded or facing other damages. This program, she added, has been changing lives by fulfilling home repairs for residents who, otherwise, could not afford it. 

Teen Challenge comes under the purview of South Beach Member of Parliament Bacchus Rolle, who toured the property during the home repairs project. He commended executive director of Teen Challenge, Dr Eric Fox, for continuing to make a difference in the community and the country. Teen Challenge has been housing young men who would likely become burdens to society through criminal activity or drug abuse and transforming them into productive citizens.Teen Challenge has assisted the Ministry of Social Services and Urban Development by hosting homeless men for free on numerous occasions, according to Minister Rahming. Therefore, she said, it was imperative to assist this non profit organization by repairing the badly leaking roof. 

Source: Felicity Darville


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