Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Tourism, Investments and Aviation and Member of Parliament for Exuma and Ragged Island, the Hon. Chester Cooper addressed the House Of Assembly on Wednesday on the various travel advisories that have been issued about The Bahamas in the wake of a spate of murders that have occurred since the start of the year.

Cooper explained to Parliamentarians, “these incidences have been classified predominantly as localized and as gang related.  And whilst I did not wish to diminish the gravity of the situation, it is important to note that none of the eighteen victims mentioned in the alert were visitors. I also point out that whilst we have seven hundred islands and sixteen major tourism destinations the crimes noted in the alert occurred mainly in pockets of New Providence, in areas not frequented by tourists.”

The minister added, “it is crucial to acknowledge that three hundred thousand law abiding citizens of New Providence should not live in fear or have our reputations tarnished due to the actions of a few.”

Since January 1st there have been twenty murders in the country.  The latest occurring on January 31st.


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