Police got the shock of their lives when they met one of their own stiff – deep inside the sweetheart bed in the back of Nassau early one morning a few weeks ago.

The top cop had spent eight solid days outside his marital home and hid away deep in the bushes of his apartment complex with his sweetheart. 

Officers got a call in the wee hours of the morning from the frantic sweetheart who could not believe that her sugar daddy was dead. The top cop is alleged to have had cups of libation mixed with the famous blue pills and red bull on the evening of his demise.

The frightened sweetheart made quick telephone calls high up the command to have the top cop’s corpse removed from the apartment and transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead!

The top cop was recently awarded one BIG JUICY contract to strengthen the control of criminals on the streets. Was this incident murder? Or was this another case of the BLUE PILL!? We do not know!

The top cop was known as a NO NONSENSE highly professional commander on the RBPF! He took no prisoners and many he made sure were landed in prison for their cruel and violent acts in society.

We believe this incident must be thoroughly investigated as the circumstances of the mysterious death have puzzled senior officers in law enforcement. 

On a more serious note: Yinner leave them BLUE PILLS alone, hear?!


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