A high-level Official deep inside the Free National Movement has gone on record telling Bahamas Press, “…there will be no national convention this year.”

The confirmation has sent shockwaves deep inside the Party and from what we know is not settling well with the Minnis faction in the FNM, who were campaigning door to door on Andros Island warning supporters to join him in getting rid of Leader Michael Pintard.

Groups connected to the former PM are in a desperate scramble to regain control of the FNM after the party suffered a crushing defeat in the 2021 General Elections.

The FNM party officials have refused to issue a statement (AVOIDING THE PRESS) as to whether the opposition party will indeed host a 2023 convention. 

The Party is broke, the leadership is absent and well Minnis’ record across the country is in shambles. 

Legal advisors for the former PM are threatening legal action if a national convention is not called this year. However, Pintard is not taking any chances with the former PM. He is in a fight for his own political survival as we are hearing Big MO Maurice Moore and now C A Smith joined the Minnis team to remove Pintard across the base on Grand Bahama Island.

Watch the FNM SPLIT IN TWO! Possibly three! It ain’t long nah!


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