scenes from the Long Islanders’ Association cocktail soiree.

It was a golden jubilee celebration for the history books. The Long Islanders’ Association hosted a Cocktail Soiree at the Nassau Yacht Club, commemorating its 50th anniversary. The night was filled with fun, entertainment, and dancing, and brought together Long Islanders and their descendants for a night to remember. 

The Long Islanders’ Association (LIA) president Taynia Farquharson said the night was made even more special by the fact that their 50th anniversary aligns with The Bahamas’ 50th anniversary of independence, making it a true golden jubilee. She and her executive team chose six honorees for this memorable event. 

Frank Watson, former Deputy Prime Minister of The Bahamas, was honored as a founding member and the first secretary of the association. He continues paying his dues to date, after 50 years of membership. Watson

 was also an active member and is a past president of the New Providence Sailing Association where he promoted sloop sailing throughout The Bahamas.Thomas Treco served as director of LIA from 1983 to 1986. He was the first treasurer, serving for ten years straight, and he assisted successive treasurers. His wife, Katherine Treco also worked very hard for LIA and assisted in getting donations for the steak outs, soliciting ads and selling tickets (by the book, not single tickets) for the raffle. The Trecos worked well as a team and continue to support the association by donating their time, talents and treasures, as well as race sponsorship every year. Mr Treco is still paying his dues after all these years.

C Henderson Burrows joined the Long Islanders’ Association in 1975. He served as assistant secretary, treasurer, and chaplain, before becoming LIA president in 1992. The highlight of his presidency was the official dedication and opening of the Long Island Library and Museum on May 26, 1996 by Sir Orville Turnquest, then Governor General. Burrows also served as chairman of the Annual Regatta Magazine Committee. He is currently serving as a director and as chairman of the annual Long Island Regatta in Salt Pond for the past 15 years. He is also a member of the annual Long Islanders’ Association Fair committee.Stephanie Harding is a long-standing member of the Long Islanders’ Association where she served as director for many years. In 2002, She became the first female president of the association, in which capacity she served for 5 years. During her tenure as a Director, Stephanie worked alongside Rodman Darville with the raffle and eventually took over from him. As the years went by, she and her cousin, David Fawkes assisted with the raffle and then her niece, Gina. Stephanie decided that the Plant Stall was her niche and launched herself full speed into ensuring that there were many varieties of plants to choose from.

At 82 years old, LIA congratulated her on being the eldest active member and for being the first Female President.

Cheryl Deal joined the association in the early 1980’s and served as Director under eight presidents including her brother,Tex Turnquest.  During her years as director, she also held the positions of secretary and chaplain. She is a faithful, dedicated, hardworking and committed member of LIA. She worked tirelessly at the fairs, regattas, boat cruises and the selling of raffle tickets. Deal is still an active member and continues to render her service as needed.  

The LIA also honored Algier Cartwright for her selfless, hardworking and dedicated service over the years. She is known for cooking delicious food and serving at the annual  fair and raffle and other events. Always putting service above self, Cartwright is known for being able to deliver large amounts of food even at short notice, and her conch fritters are famous. President Farquharson said LIA will forever be grateful for her commitment and continued support of the association.
The honorees were serenaded by saxophonist Lynden Sands, who ended his presentation with “Did you ever know that you’re my hero”. DJ Charlow did an excellent job of providing dinner music, followed by dancing music, including a rake n’ scrape dance session that got everyone on their dance floor. 
The LIA 50th Anniversary Cocktail Soiree was held at the Nassau Yacht Club, East Bay Street on November 11, 2023. The event was blessed by the Venerable Kingsley Knowles, assistant Priest of St Anne’s Anglican Church. The MC for the evening of celebration was Felicity Darville, who gave out over a dozen prizes during the soiree.
Long Islanders are known for some of the best dance moves in rake n’ scrape. During the dance competition, Text Turnquest and his sister, Dot put on a spectacular performance, earning him a brand new cellular phone. President Farquharson and Vice President Alan Adderley presented the awards to the honorees.
LIA chose a new board of directors this week: 

Alan Adderley; Leanne Harding-Sweeting; Rayanne Cartwright; Elaine Bunch; Diann Dean-Pinder; Henderson Burrows – Honorary Director; Taynia Farquharson; Brendon Watson; William Carroll; Garner Dawkins; and Dwight Burrows.

Source: Felicity Darville

Johnathan and Hailey Treco, grandchildren of Thomas Treco, accept the award on his behalf
scenes from the Long Islanders’ Association cocktail soiree.
Stephanie Harding, center, eldest active member of the Long Islanders’ Association, receives her award
Cheryl Deal, center, is awarded during the Long Islanders’ Association Cocktail Soiree
scenes from the Long Islanders’ Association cocktail soiree.
scenes from the Long Islanders’ Association cocktail soiree.
Patrice Kemp, daughter of Algier Cartwright, receives the award and gift on her behalf
C Henderson Burrows, center, chairman of the Long Island Regatta, is honored by the Long Islanders’ Association


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