Some fifty persons, out of the more than one hundred persons who took the Junkanoo Corporation New Providence’s (JCNP) judges course, were successful in passing the seven week course that was conducted by veteran educator Pamalar Chandler. 

The course covered the history and other vital aspects of Junkanoo. The most important part of the course for the prospective judges were how to judge Music, Performance, Costumes, Ethics and the Scoring Of The Junkanoo Parades.

The successful fifty candidates attended a graduation ceremony last evening conducted by Cannon Scott at Holy Cross Anglican Church.

Chairman of JCNP Deon Miller, in congratulating the successful candidates, admonished them to take their training seriously, especially the ethics aspects of the 7 week course which taught them to be just, fair and upright in all of their deliberations. 

He also noted that will help a great deal to ensure a more successful parade, making participants, fans and spectators more confident with the overall results of the most competitive parades in both the A & B division.  This is all that he asked of them and he wished them well.

This Saturday, 2nd December will be the ALIV & JCNP NERVOUS SATDEE for the official order of entry drawing for the upcoming 2023 Boxing Day and 2024 New Years Day Junkanoo Parades when the 7 A-Division Junkanoo Groups will seek their lucky number – and for most of them it ain’t Number ONE (#-1)!

ALIV/JCNP Nervous Satdee will be held on Arawak Cay this Saturday.  3pm is starting time.


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