Today is Wednesday March 15th, 2023 and this is a photo taken weeks ago of a Scotia Bank ABM at the Rubis Station on Carmichael Road. 

Scotia Bank has neglected its duty to provide ABM service at the location all these days. This location is in the heartland of Golden Gates and the surrounding community where many people reside. And yet for DAYS AND WEEKS, the bank has failed to bring back online this ABM machine. 

Just up the street at Roker Gas Station, on the west side, at the Scotia Bank ABM machine there was an outage of cash in another densely populated area, inconveniencing the public. 

At the Carmichael Road Branch, the drive-through ABM was also out of cash on Big Monday morning. And when you see all this, you cannot ignore Scotia’s recent announcement how, in the coming days, it will no longer provide certain services in the branch. 

So, if the banks are cashless inside and cashless outside, and the stores in surrounding areas tell you “We are only accepting cash…” where does all this leave the public? Where does this leave the suffering bank client who has no free online service or data? Where does all this leave JOE PUBLIC?!

Ya see, it is these kinds of things that really hit a nerve with team BP?! You cannot make sweeping changes with banking services and leave the suffering public to figure it out! Where is the Cental Bank of the Bahamas who is charged to regulate the environment and making sure customers get a fair shake in the deal?

Bahamas Press is pleading with the decent people at the Central Bank of the Bahamas to PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS SERVICE and BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE TREATMENT by the banks in the country!

How in the hell I ga get money if the ABM is down, the banks are not dispursing funds in the bank, the internet is not free or available and the damn merchants have decided they are only accepting cash?! 

What in the hell are we supposed to do with all this madness?  Meanwhile, the WUTLESS media are talking about dog food and kitty litter!


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