The Bahamas is hosting several Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) companies following a trade and business fact-finding mission by representatives from the Small Business Development Centre (SBDC), The Bahamas Trade Commission and The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce in March 2023 to that country with a goal to increasing trade throughout the Caribbean.

“We met with the Jamaican Business Development Centre, the Jamaica Promotions Board and the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association,” Deputy Chairman, Bahamas Trade Commission, Sen. Barry Griffin said during the opening ceremony and launch for the JMEA Trade Mission 2023 on Tuesday, October 10, 2023.

“After our successful fact-finding mission, discussions continued and it was decided that Jamaican exporters wished to see what opportunities lie in The Bahamas for bilateral trade.”

Sen. Griffin said, “We have worked vigorously over the last few months to make this initiative possible.  Two weeks ago, we hosted a virtual doing business in The Bahamas session where Jamaican companies were able to learn more about the legal regulatory customs tariffs and general business regimes here in The Bahamas.”

“We have reached out to the private sector here in the country to set up meetings for the companies present here today and we anticipate a very successful fact-finding mission for the JMEA companies.”

He added, “The Caribbean must be seen as our respective backdrops to trade, business, networking, technical cooperation, development and ultimately economic enfranchisement.”

Treasurer and Head of the JMEA Mission 2023, Robert Scott echoed that growth and prosperity in the region will come from trading with each other.
Mr. Scott said, “Every time we export a primary product to the USA or elsewhere in the world, wealth is created there; jobs are created there from working on our materials.  Any value added is there.”

He added, “When we import a product from the USA or elsewhere, the value added is also given to that country.  They get the income and they get the wealth.”

He explained that in trading with each other, Caribbean countries will continue to grow and build, creating generational wealth for Caribbean people.

Mr. Scott noted that the companies represented at the mission were in industries that Bahamian partners thought would be useful to this country.
He said it is hoped that Bahamian companies will undertake a similar mission to Jamaica and this mission will serve as a template for missions to countries throughout the region.

There are five companies that are part of the mission from Jamaica.  They include: FosRich Company Limited creator of pvc pipes, Spur Tree Spices, Dynamic Chemicals manufacturing chemicals for all household and company cleaning needs, The Best Dressed Chicken and Thomovybes Manufacturers and Distributors Company, vendor of drinks made with different natural herbs and spices.

Also attending the launch were Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations Ambassador, Winston Pinnock; Chair, The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce, Khrystle Rutherford-Ferguson; Director, Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Brickell Pinder; Executive Director, SBDC, Samantha Rolle; and Chair, Bahamas Trade Commission, Philip Galanis.


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