Marco Rolle, Programme Coordinator

NASSAU, Bahamas — As the Bahamas government prioritizes the advancement of renewable energy, the Ministry of Finance Project Execution Unit Reconstruction with Resilience in the Energy Sector in The Bahamas in conjunction with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) held an eMobility Workshop for Private Entity Sector Entities at the National Training Agency on Thursday, November 10, 2022.

The workshop was one of three organized to create public awareness and education of the project.

Marco Rolle, Programme Coordinator for the project explained that the eMobility Programme is a component of an overall initiative which is laid out in the IDB Loan Programme to advance deployment of renewable energy in The Bahamas.

He said this phase of the IDB Loan Programme consists of an $80 million loan supplemented by a $9 million grant provided by the European Union.
The loan essentially looks at providing resources for the restoration of the severely damaged transmission and distribution of infrastructure of Abaco as well as East Grand Bahama. 

The project is seen as an opportunity to strengthen isolated and interconnected grid networks with resilient Renewable Energy (RE) resources coupled with conventional power systems designed to withstand the increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events.  It also presents an opportunity to raise awareness of RE as a new subsector and the employment and economic opportunities for Bahamians.

Besides the IDB, Deloitte Bahamas also helped to facilitate the workshop.


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