Veteran entertainer, Emily Williams known as ‘Sweet Emily’ recently gave her take on the state of the Bahamian music industry.

Williams spoke to ZNS News saying, “I think the state of the music industry is growing but at the same time I believe that there’s more that could be done to kind of perfect what it is that we do. When I say that I mean, you always will have growth, you’ll always have people doing, you’ll always have people evolving from a musical point of view, production. But I believe that there’s more that needs to be done because when you listen to some of the music I feel like some of he quality is not where it should be. I also believe there also needs to be more done to help, in particular, younger artists to understand how to better perfect the traditional music.”

Williams is also hopefully for a resurgence of the Bahamian music industry. “When we look at downtown in particular there is no music downtown. Something has to be seriously done. Number one, we have to establish some type of a cultural place where people can just walk from the cruise ship, come and see a Bahamian show during the day time. I’m not talking about just the nightclubs but I’m talking about, not only on Bay Street through the lil arcades, but some place where they can come and say okay, I’d like to see a Bahamian show.”

Williams is currently preparing to release a new album.

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