NASSAU, The Bahamas — Color and portion sizes with an emphasis on time management were some of the critical points judges identified in the work of the participants of the 30th Bahamas Young Chef Culinary Competition (senior division) held at Anatol Rodgers High School Friday, November 11.

“To the coaches and teachers, work a little bit better with them on time management.  In portfolios you did a nice time line; I don’t know how much the students really followed them once they got into the crunch. Work on that time. Have a couple of back up plans,” said Chef Jeremy Houghton (Johnson and Wales University).

Chef Houghton in his overview also praised the private and public school students for their efforts in the national round of the competition.
“You guys did a great job and you deserve a huge round of applause. You accomplished something very unique today and everything you should be proud of. 

“All of the dishes we had today showed some level of expertise that us chefs were really impressed with. Everybody put their heart and souls into every dish and we appreciate it,” he said.

The students were given two hours to prepare rice and flour dishes using Robin Hood Flour and Mahatma Rice to the theme “Bahamian Culinary Arts: Sustainability Across Land and Sea”.

Chief Chef Clement Williams expressed his approval and described some of the work as “incredible”

“Kudos to each of you,” he said.

He also encouraged the students to improve their time management.
“The more you become involved in things the more [will] be expected from you. Don’t complicate things. We want you to be creative but we want you to do your time management with your dish so you can execute at the end of it.”

Chef Jasmine Bain,” one of two female judges, congratulated the students and urged them to not be too hard on themselves.

“This is your first, maybe second time. Just to get to a competition takes a lot out of guts. Don’t take anything personal. You have to be tough. One time it used to be only men in the industry now women are coming up and we have a lot to add.

“Each table is unique. Everybody’s ideas and thoughts are unique.”

Sharon Ferguson, former Senior Education Officer, Family and Consumer Science Education advised that the results of the competition would be announced during a virtual ceremony at a later date.

She expressed thanks to the parents/guardians, sponsors, judges, teachers, statisticians, the Ministry of Tourism and Krizia Williams,’ representative for Robin Hood and Mahatma Rice.

“Whether you win or lose consider yourselves champions. You are all winners, no losers,” she said.

“We all learn from our mistakes and from each other. I trust that having come here you would have paid attention to the details and comments made by the judges. Take their level of input to assist you in the further development of your students for next year’s competition.”

Chef Addiemae Farrington informed that a competition is planned for coaches as a part of the 2023 conference.

“Coaches get yourselves ready because your students will be critiquing you in a competition to happen somewhere within the conference.

“If you have not competed before you will have an understanding of what it is to compete in 90 minutes.  Hopefully we may set it up in such a way where you will almost be reviewing or prepping yourself for certification because we are moving forward to a new certified Bahamas where all teachers are certified. We want you to be certified to understand the fundamentals of competitions,” said Chef Farrington.

Students who participated in the competition were: Latavia Josey, San Salvador Central High School; Romyah Ingraham, Inagua All Age School; Tevin Turtle, L.N. Coakley High School; Je-Ann Burrows, Admiral Ferguson High School; Faith Thompson, Central Andros High School; Cleshora Joseph, Jack Hayward Senior High School; Prekano McPhee, Central Eleuthera High School, Penidsha Gelin, Eight Mile Rock High School; Seaneka Minnis, Preston H. Albury High School; Sia Wright, Akhepran International Academy; Gabrielle Ferguson, Doris Johnson High School; Raphelita Hanna, Kingsway Academy.

Chefs who served as judges: Chef Michael Adderley, Chef Antonio Williams, Chef Ravell Rollins and Chef Jimmy Dean.


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