For Immediate Release

24 December 2023

At a traditional time set for celebrating the birth of Christ, the Progressive Liberal Party is saddened to mourn the death of a staunch supporter, iconic Junkanoo figure, and a great Bahamian son.

Anthony Huck Williams, founder and leader of the Swingers Junkanoo Group in Grand Bahama died this morning, 24 December, 2023.

He was a dedicated employee at Wideworld Forwarding for many years…and the Ministry of Tourism could rely on him for decades to utilize Junkanoo as a uniquely Bahamian cultural draw for visitors to our shores.

Anthony Huck Williams proved a pioneer of Junkanoo in Grand Bahama and his creative talents, extraordinary leadership and unmatched commitment have touched every past and existing Junkanoo group in the northern Bahamas.

The once born Saxon who gave birth to the Swingers, leaves a legacy abroad and throughout our nation.

We are grateful for his service and national contributions.

As we celebrate the Coming of Emmanuel, we give thanks for “Huck’s” sound sacrifices to help build a better Bahamas.



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