For Immediate Release

28 March 2024

It is with profound shock and horror that our community received the news of the murder of Don Saunders, former MP and Deputy Speaker. This is painful. No words are adequate to describe this unspeakable act.

He was an honourable and worthy opponent, a young man who made his contribution to the building up of the common life of our Commonwealth. He served our country with devotion and fidelity. In doing so, he broke the mold of what is often expected of young men in our country, succeeding in lifting himself by his bootstraps.

In a personal sense, we communed at the same denominational table. I watched him grow from a youngster in Freeport and in Exuma through to university, success at the Bar of England and Wales and in The Bahamas, in partisan politics and in public life as an MP and Deputy Speaker.

We are all diminished by this senseless act.


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