A young man is dead tonight after being shot outside the McFit gym in Habour Bay [Shirley Street side] Monday evening.

Bahamas National has identified the victim as Tennison Teddy Chisholm. He was on bail for attempted murder and was shot earlier this year. Tennison is the son of jailed drug lord Omar Chisholm, who is presently serving a 20-year prison sentence in Cuba. Omar was charged also in the attempted murders of Kevin Johnson and Franky Pierre on September 14, 2015. The complainants reportedly identified Omar as the gunman who shot them near the Esso Service Station on East Bay Street in October 2011. Is this another retaliatory killing?

Fast-forward to tonight, rounds of gunfire were heard like firecrackers in the parking lot as the victim had just left the main entrance of the gym following an evening workout.

Sources in the investigation tell us that Teddy had just left the popular gym when he was confronted by a gunman who opened multiple rounds of gunfire on him; hitting multiple times about the body. He died on the scene.

The incident unfolded just near the vicinity of Starbucks where scores of patrons were hanging out for the evening.


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