This evening, the Commonwealth of The Bahamas mourns the loss of one of its greatest and most patriotic sons, the Hon. A. Loftus Roker.

A signatory to the constitution of our great commonwealth, Mr. Roker’s legacy will forever be enshrined in not only annals of Bahamian history, but deep within the hearts of Acklins islanders and the Bahamian people in general. His life embodied an unrelenting, unapologetic and uncompromising defense of the Bahamian people, our patrimony and our inalienable rights in our Bahamaland. His storied, no nonsense and non- negotiable approach to the empowerment of the Bahamian people has remained ironclad to his passing. There was no contradiction in what he said, what he believed and how he lived his life. Mr. Roker was a Bahamian icon, and a nation builder who gave exemplary service to his people, never sacrificing his integrity for political expediency and always prioritizing what was good for the Bahamian people. As a descendant of Snug Corner, Acklins, I am richly proud of what he meant to the people of Acklins and the beacon of light and inspiration his life reflected. There will always be only one A. Loftus Roker and as nation we mourn, celebrate and take solace that his life and all he embodied was devoted to the advancement of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the Bahamian people.
On behalf of my wife Nia, our entire family and the people of St. Barnabas, I offer our condolences and prayers to his family.
May his soul rest in peace.

Shanendon E. Cartwright M.P
Deputy Leader
Free National Movement*


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