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Shanendon Cartwright to reject Pintard as leader – Carl Bethel cost Minnis votes on Long Island


Carl Wilshire Bethel was on Long Island this past weekend, attempting to secure support to back Hubert Minnis as leader of the FNM.

Bethel, who smokes like a chimney, and looks like a lost puppy, has had little success in the last Minnis-led Administration. 

He engaged foreign lawyers to prosecute Bahamians, cases which ended in daily costs of  taxpayer millions. 

Bethel cannot win an FNM over if it was to save his life. Bethel is one of the most unpopular FNMs outside of Duane Sands. 

With Bethel on the ground, Minnis could lose his Super Majority among delegates as Carl Bethel is hated in the party. 

Sources on Long Island tell BP Bethel was not welcomed.  He was told he can pack his bags and leave. 

On the other hand, Hubert Minnis was welcomed by FNMs in Abaco. Minnis will enjoy a 70% majority in the June 1st National Convention in the race for leadership.

Meanwhile Pintard is considering advancing the nomination of another FNM for Deputy Leader of the Party. Current Deputy Leader Shanendon Cartwright told Pintard openly he will not support his return as leader of the FNM!



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