Acting Prime Minister, the Hon. Chester Cooper revealed to ZNS News recently, that the government has taken the decision to defer the implementation of new boat registration fees.

Cooper said, “this has caused much concern particularly amongst small boat owners, family islanders who use their boats for their very way of life and for transportation for fishing or tours.  This has become problematic.  We have listened to the people and Cabinet has determined to suspend the new fees.”

He added, “this will of course go back to Parliament, it will be revisited by the Ministry of Transport and we will come back after some public consultation on the issue.  And there will be a formal notification by my colleague Minister of Transport in due course.”

The Acting Prime Minister says it is not government’s intention to penalize boat owner in any way.  “This has been a revenue measure by the Ministry of Finance in collaboration with the Ministry of Transport.  And I’m happy to say that my colleagues have seen the wisdom in revisiting it and therefore we have suspended these fees for now.”


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