Purchasing contracts were signed between Milo Butler & Sons and two of the Bahamas Agricultural and Industrial Corporation’s (BAIC) affiliated local food processors and vendors.  

The contracts will allow Milo Butler & Sons to distribute the products of those businesses throughout The Bahamas and the United States.

Island Buzz Apiary of Exuma produces 100 per cent raw honey and beeswax products and V&V Condiments  produces jams, jellies, pepper sauce and seasonings.

Milo Butler & Sons is a leading Bahamian-owned wholesale and retail agency, which has been providing quality products and service to the Bahamian people for more than 50 years, Executive Chairman, BAIC, Leroy Major explained before the signing at the Corporation, Thursday, August 31, 2023.

Mr. Major said Milo Butler & Sons and BAIC signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in November 2022 for the agency to sell and distribute Bahamian grown and processed products.

He said during the signing of that historic document, Executive Chairman of Milo Butler & Sons, Jevonn Butler revealed that at the company’s 2022/23 fiscal year, a decision was taken by the Board of Directors requiring that 25 per cent of all products sold by the agency are Bahamian grown, produced and manufactured within the next three-years.

“As part of that agreement, Milo Butler & Sons is purchasing produce from a list of BAIC’s approved food processors and is selling these products throughout its established distribution network at wholesale and retail levels.”

He said, “The agreement also addresses some of the country’s on-going challenges with food insecurity.  The signing of that historic MOU also marks the first private-public partnership for BAIC.”

Mr. Major added that it affords the Corporation an opportunity to continue to train and encourage more food processors throughout The Bahamas to produce more quality products.

He said, “We are delighted to see that Milo Butler & Sons is continuing to use its marketing machinery to promote these products by Bahamian manufacturers throughout the Commonwealth of The Bahamas and the United States. 

This is truly a step in the right direction towards food security and food sustainability.”

Chief Executive Officer, Milo Butler & Sons, Allan Butler said this is a start but he wants there to be more diversification of the products in the future.

Mr. Butler said it is the agency’s trajectory as a company and as a family business to see to it that Bahamian businesses are supported and are helped in any way possible.

Representing Island Buzz Apiary of Exuma (honey) were owners and founders Marsha and Wentworth Musgrove, and representing V&V Condiments was owner Vianna Gibson. 

General Manager, BAIC, Troy Sampson and other members of the Corporation’s management team were also present for the signing.

By LLONELLA GILBERT/Bahamas Information Services


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