The Ministry of Transport and Energy hosted a town hall meeting for stakeholders in the public transportation system last week at Government High School. One of the presenters at the event was Second Officer In Charge of the Royal Bahama Police Force Traffic Division, Superintendent Coran Jennings.

Jennings shared observation on the bus drivers conduct on the streets with those in attendance. He said, “we see the bus stops with buses filled with passengers parked with the hazard lights blinking waiting for the buses to be filled to capacity before they take the waiting passengers to their destinations. That creates a back up of traffic in busy areas, we all see it. Let’s use Bay Street in the area of Hoffers & Sons, once an officer is not there a bus driver will park on that bus stop until either the bus is filled or someone tells them to move. We have bus drivers, wherever a passenger says bus stop that becomes a bus stop. Also wherever there is a passenger or there is a person on the outside flagging a bus, that is a bus stop. Now I’m not going to put everything on the bus drivers because we know that there are markings, some markings are not there, where the bus stop should be but we all know where we should not stop as bus drivers and that is at an intersection.”

Bus fare is set to be raised by twenty five cents and a new code of conduct agreed.


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