The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce a significant contribution of $10,000 aimed at procuring a crucial craniotome tool. This generous donation is expected to enhance the hospital’s capabilities in neurosurgery and spine procedures, providing essential support for patients dealing with brain and spine injuries within The Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH) Operating Theater.

The craniotome tool is an indispensable instrument for delicate neurosurgical procedures, enabling precision and efficiency in the hands of skilled medical professionals. The Foundation recognizes the substantial impact this donation will have on the hospital’s ability to provide optimal care to patients facing neurological challenges.

Notable members of the Foundation’s board, including Mr. Julian Smith, Foundation Treasurer; Steven Hunt, Board Member; Inga Bowleg, Board Member; and Chairman Dr. Magnus Ekedede, expressed their gratitude to the donors and acknowledged the transformative effect this contribution will have on the hospital’s Operations Theater Department.

Dr. Magnus Ekedede, Chairman of the Foundation, stated, “We extend our sincere thanks to the donors for their generous support. This contribution will greatly aid the work of the hospital, particularly in cases involving brain and spine injuries where quick action and the right equipment are paramount. Donations like these make a tangible difference.”

Mary Walker, Hospital Administrator, added, “On behalf of The Princess Margaret Hospital, we are profoundly thankful for this donation. The Foundation’s dedication to improving our healthcare services is evident, and this contribution will contribute significantly to our ongoing efforts. We also express our gratitude to all Foundation members for their continued support and commitment to our healthcare system.”

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation expresses its heartfelt appreciation to the donors for their commitment to enhancing health services and improving patient outcomes. This donation exemplifies the vital role that philanthropy plays in advancing medical care and aligns with the Foundation’s ongoing mission to support Princess Margaret Hospital in delivering high-quality healthcare to the community.


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