Bahamas Power and Light Company Ltd. (BPL) continues to work to address the electricity supply challenges in North Andros and is pledging both short and long-term solutions to address power-related concerns. BPL will send 4MW of rental generation to the island to fully provide power and improve system stability in North Andros.

The 4MW is being sourced from a reputable industry partner that has provided BPL with rental solutions on several Family Islands and in New Providence. At present, a contract is being negotiated and logistical work is required to prepare a site to house the 4MW of containerized rentals. BPL anticipates that the 4MW will be installed and operational by late November.

At the same time, the Company is cognizant that rentals are not a permanent solution and remains fully committed to commissioning a hybrid (solar, battery storage and traditional) power station for North and Central Andros within the next 18 months.


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