Assistant Commissioner of Police in Charge of the Northern Bahamas B.K. Bonamy intends to visit Abaco after a brawl between locals and visitors was captured on camera and circulated on social media.

Bonamy says, “as the Officer in Charge, it is my intention to visit Abaco sometime next week to visit these cays and to see the deficiency as it relates to manpower and then make recommendation to the Commissioner. Wherever there is police presence you tend to see a decrease criminal activities or in bad behaviour whether its from members of the public, whether its tourists.”

The Assistant Commissioner also made an appeal to members of the public. He said, “I just want to say sometimes when we see these things in social media we tend to make comments without facts and that’s why I always say allow the police to investigate so we can bring some interviews or something to head to say exactly what happened instead of not just blaming or castigating what we saw on social media.”


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