Prime Minister Philip Davis has asserted that the Caribbean community “cannot in good conscience”standby and watch the ongoing suffering of the Haitian people, acknowledging that a Haitian-led solution to the country’s humanitarian crisis is essential.

During his address at a Haiti stakeholders meeting in Kingston, Jamaica, Prime Minister Davis, who also serves as the CARICOM Chairman, highlighted the urgency to alleviate the plight of the Haitian people amidst the humanitarian crisis.

“Our present mission is to end the suffering endured by the people of Haiti. We have been apprised of numerous distressing accounts of killings, rapes, kidnappings, violence, robberies, and looting, all fuelled by the intimidation of criminal gangs that currently plague various parts of Port-au-Prince and other regions of the country,”said Prime Minister Davis, emphasising the Caribbean community’s willingness to provide assistance.

“We have heard their desperate pleas for help, and it is our moral obligation to stand in solidarity and take action against the continued suffering of the Haitian people. Inaction contradicts the principles of decency, neighborliness, and our shared humanity. We firmly believe that a solution can be found, and we are resolute in our commitment to actively seek that solution and support its success. We have faith in the Haitian people and their cause.”

Furthermore, he acknowledged that the challenges and struggles in the Republic of Haiti have persisted for an extended period.



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