Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis Q.C. was welcomed like a rockstar as he reopened the Southern Recreations Grounds on Saturday.

Softball was suspended for years under Minnis with no date as ro when the field will reopen to play games. MINNIS DID NOT CARE! Former PM Minnis intended to destroy sports, busineses, jobs and the church across the country! WUTLESSNESS!

But The New Day has come and PM Davis immediately went to work to get everything reopened and Bahamians lives back on track! Saturday was a day to remember for anyone who loves softball.

Davis wrote on his wall on social media, “This weekend was special for me as we gathered at the Southern Recreational Grounds to open the Archdeacon William Thompson Softball Field. Mr Thompson was a giant within our community as a trailer blazer, sporting legend and mentor to so many young Bahamians.”

Now das our beloved Prime Minister! The man with a plan, vision and love for Bahamians!

We ga report and let yinner decide! Saturday was another GREAT Day! (Yall hear da media report this yet)…

PM Davis and Minister Alfred Sears along with Dame Maguerite and Mrs Thompson unveiling the stone at the field.


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