NASSAU, The Bahamas – Today, Prime Minister Philip Davis KC MP addressed a critical issue facing The Bahamas – the urgent need for bail reform. In his remarks, the Prime Minister emphasized, “We are here today because enough is enough.” Highlighting the repeated instances where individuals charged with crimes and released on bail have gone on to commit further acts of violence, he underscored the need for stringent measures to ensure public safety.

The Prime Minister stated, “Too many crimes are committed by individuals who are out on bail despite strong and persuasive evidence that they do not respect our laws, our judicial process, or the judge who imposed the conditions of their bail.” He pointed out the alarming frequency of bail condition violations, bringing into focus the necessity of addressing this loophole in the judicial system.

In a decisive move, the Davis Administration has introduced the Bail (Amendment) Bill 2024. This amendment mandates the automatic and immediate revocation of bail for those who violate any conditions of their bail. The Prime Minister firmly declared, “You break the rules, you go to jail. No more fines for violations. No more freedom to commit new crimes.”

This amendment aims to restore the balance between the constitutional presumption of innocence and the imperative to protect the public from further criminal acts. It reflects the Administration’s commitment to reforming the justice system, prioritizing public safety, and upholding the rule of law in The Bahamas.

The Prime Minister reaffirms his dedication to these principles, ensuring that the Bahamian justice system is robust, fair, and, above all, protective of the citizens it serves. The Davis Administration remains resolute in its pursuit of a safer, more secure Bahamas for all.


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