Prime Minister, the Hon. Philip Davis was questioned by members of the media on the future of Bahamas Power and Light (BPL) in the wake of generation issues experienced in New Providence over the weekend.

Davis called for Bahamians to exercise patience. He said, “we have been working assiduously over the last year, two years and a half to find a solution to the aging infrastructure at BPL and we should have a solution that we’ll be announcing within the next two weeks or so that no doubt will bring what every Bahamian wants at the end of the day affordable electricity, reliable electricity and of course sustainable electricity.”

The Prime Minister also spoke about the impact of climate change on the issues at BPL. “Because engines, the generators, they generate heat and when there is heat around it puts a lot of pressure on the engines and you do have the malfunctions as we had the other day,” Davis said.

The government recently repealed and replaced the Electricity Act in its continued efforts to reform the energy sector of the country.


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