Prime Minister Davis says that The Bahamas will maintain its pioneering role in the digital asset sector. 

He emphasized that the nation’s success hinges on establishing a robust and stable regulatory framework within a rapidly evolving landscape.

During his opening speech at the D3 Bahamas conference held at the Atlantis, Paradise Island Resort, Davis said that The Bahamas will remain at the forefront of the digital asset space, despite concerns by some who have criticized the industry’s viability.

“Digital assets offer our country an incredible opportunity, allowing us to capitalize on our world-class financial services expertise and involve a new generation of Bahamians in innovative opportunities. Despite critics, the digital assets industry is here to stay.”

He continued: “Our success in the digital assets sector is contingent on our dedication to developing an effective and stable regulatory framework. While we aim to attract digital asset investors and consumers, we must ensure that our actions align with the highest global standards. We recognize the necessity of continuously adapting our regulatory framework to anticipate long-term industry growth.”



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