Prime Minister Philip Davis

Prime Minister Philip Davis yesterday dismissed criticism that he was ‘pandering’ on the issue of immigration, as he assured that shanty towns across the country will be demolished once the necessary steps have been taken. 

Speaking with reporters yesterday on the sidelines of the official groundbreaking of the Montage Cay development, Davis said: “Demolition will come but that will come after steps have been taken.

“We don’t want to solve one problem and create another. We don’t want to demolish places where people are living and they have no place to stay, that’s one issue. The documented Haitians who are in the shanty towns, we are going to find who their employers are and oblige those employers to find them a place to stay.”

Davis continued: “Undocumented persons living in those shanty towns, we will process them and repatriate them. Bahamians living in the shanty towns, we will speak to them and ask them to move out. That is a process. That is ongoing as we speak. Once all those are settled, you will see the shanty towns being demolished.”



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