For Immediate Release

11 June 2023

Michael Pintard in his last statement to the Nassau Guardian made a grave political error in opposing the Prime Minister’s view that it is time for decisive action by the government in Freeport. He is trying to have his cake and eat it too.

The problems in Freeport have nothing to do with the Prime Minister’s statement. The problem is the Grand Bahama Port Authority’s shareholders are unable or unwilling to carry out their responsibilities under the Hawksbill Creek Agreement.

Mr Pintard should be familiar with that since he is now unable to use the bridge in Lucaya to get home to his house because 4 years after Hurricane Dorian struck the island, the Port is unable or unwilling to repair the bridge.

The bridge is but one example: the abandonment of the Grand Lucayan Hotel, the abandonment of the Grand Bahama International Airport by the Grand Bahama Port Authority are others.

By his failure to articulate a cogent and coherent policy solution for Grand Bahama, albeit alternative, Mr. Pintard has not demonstrated an appreciation for nor an understanding of the gravity of the economic and social challenges facing Bahamian families in Grand Bahama nor has he demonstrated that he or the FNM cares.

He and the FNM are therefore a part of the problem.

If he has nothing of value to add to the national dialogue on the way forward for management, growth and development of the city of Freeport, the country is better served if Mr. Pintard sits down and remains quiet.

The Progressive Liberal Party and the government will not be distracted by political posturing, bluster and convenient distractions.

The Progressive Liberal Party reiterates its full support for the Prime Minister and his government’s proactive and decisive approach to addressing the myriad of issues facing Freeport. This is the country’s second largest population center, it cannot and must not fail and the government remains committed to constructive engagement with all stakeholders on how we can work together to secure the right corporate partnership for the management of that city in addition to accessing new and fresh capital to facilitate the future growth and development of Freeport.



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