NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Free National Movement (FNM) leader Michael Pintard has asserted that the Davis administration’s decision to prorogue Parliament is an admission of failure, arguing that the administration has pushed the country into further economic distress.

During a press conference at the party’s headquarters yesterday Pintard stated: “We believe we witnessed a desperate and feeble attempt by the Davis-Cooper administration to escape the undeniable truth that they’re failing the Bahamian people despite benefiting from a rebounding world economy, pent up demand and business returning to pre-pandemic levels.”

“With their decisions to prorogue the House the PLP acknowledges their inability to fulfill even the most basic promises they made during their five-year agenda announcement,” he continued.

“It is a clear admission of guilt, an admission that they have let down the very people they were elected to serve. They had a honeymoon period where they spent an inordinate amount of cash with pomp, circumstance and elaborate public  relations but the substance of their leadership clearly reveals that they have fallen short of addressing the most difficult circumstances Bahamians are facing.”



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