25th March 2024

The Public Hospitals Authority, in response to circulating photographs on various social media platforms, wishes to clarify the situation regarding the images in question.

The photos in circulation depict the Eye Ward, which has been closed and unoccupied since February 2022. The Public Hospitals Authority would like to reassure the public that these images are not reflective of the current state of the identified area.

The Public Hospitals Authority is currently in the process of preparing for renovations, which will include upgrades to various areas of the hospital, including the Children’s Ward, Eye Ward, and the ground floor, where a new Dialysis Unit will be established. These renovations are part of our ongoing commitment to enhancing the physical infrastructure of Princess Margaret Hospital to ensure the delivery of high-quality care to our patients.

We understand the concerns raised by the public upon seeing these images and wish to assure everyone that we are taking proactive steps to address them. The safety and well-being of our patients remain our top priority, and we provide a safe and comfortable environment for all who seek medical care at our institutions and agencies.


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