STATEMENT: The Public Hospitals Authority (PHA) acknowledges the recent circulation of a video on social media, highlighting concerns raised by a family member of a patient on the private ward at Princess Margaret Hospital. We wish to assure the public that both the complainant and the affected patient have been contacted and have received the requisite support to ensure the provision of care.

The Authority’s foremost commitment is to the well-being of our patients, and we approach all concerns with the utmost gravity. Following a review and direct discussions with the patient and their family, we are confident that the concerns raised have been addressed. We extend our sincere appreciation for their candor in sharing their experiences and recognize the critical role of transparency and clear communication in our operations. A process of direct dialog with the patient and their family to resolve any lingering issues is ongoing.

To enhance our communication efforts, we encourage any patient or family member to use the communication channels provided by the Public Hospitals Authority. These channels have been carefully crafted to facilitate open communication, prompt, and comprehensive resolution of all matters.

PHA Client Feeback Line for Princess Margaret Hospital can be reached at 825-3438 and for the Rand Memorial Hospital at 1-242-350-6700 ext.2079. The PHA remains committed to the delivery of quality healthcare services and maintaining the trust of the community we serve. We deeply value the continued support of the public and affirm our unwavering commitment to the health and well-being of our patients.


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