The Minister of National Security and Member of Parliament for Freetown addressed the pending deployment of officers of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force to Haiti in the House Of Assembly on Wednesday.

The Hon. Wayne Munroe told Parliamentarians, “it is very hard to do what you are told regardless of whether you agree with it or not and it is very hard, Madam Speaker, to be subject to rules that deprive you have some constitutional protections that other people have. But the men and women of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force do it, do it valiantly. And in my meetings with them they’re able to lobby for what they say will improve their lot.

Munroe went further explained, “there are some preliminaries that would have to happen. I’ve given my word to the men and women I have spoken to as to where I stand on the matter. Madam Speaker, it is a matter that I am certain that if and when a deployment comes our officers will perform as admirably as they did in the first deployment to Haiti where amongst the CARICOM and foreign forces they were the most decorated servicemen to serve in Haiti, such is the ability of our men and women. The only thing, Madam Speaker, that they demand and rightly so, is that they are given their due, their given their due respect.”

The Bahamas has committed to providing 150 officers to Haiti as part of a peacekeeping mission.


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