The Official Opposition issued a warning yesterday, cautioning businesses to anticipate continued government pressure in tax collection. 

Free National Movement Leader Michael Pintard expressed those concerns following the budget communication, during which Prime Minister Philip Davis pledged no new taxes but emphasized improved tax compliance and enforcement.

“The level of pressure they intend to apply on businesses should be expected to continue,” Pintard said. “This government has shown a lack of respect for the business sector. They have failed to engage in adequate and timely consultations, and their decisions seem to lack appropriate justification based on informed studies.

He continued: “This government appears desperate. If, as they claim, we are performing exceptionally well, what justifies some of the decisions they are making? They must control their spending. The problem lies in their high expenditure.

“We need to thoroughly examine every document to ensure the accuracy of their claims,” Pintard added. “Their actions simply do not align with their words.”

During his 2023/2024 budget communication in Parliament, Prime Minister Davis boasted of his administration’s commitment to diligent and prudent financial management, along with a set of medium-term budgetary targets.



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