The One Family Junkanoo and Community Organization took Bay Street by storm Monday night and was able to win over the judges to capture the WIN. The group presented the theme “Empires: Rise of The Warriors” a tribute to the warrior in all of us who battled through the COVID-19 Pandemic. The group also used the opportunity to pay tribute to members and supports who were lost as a result of COVID.

The group captured several major categories in particular Best Music, and Best Choreography. One Family’s Choreography Dancers blew away the competition with their depiction of the female guards from the Black Panther Movie.

  1. One Family
  2. The Valley Boys
  3. Genesis
  4. Roots
  5. Saxons
  6. The Music Makers

Best Music – One Family
Best Performance- One Family
Best Choreography – One Family
Best Banner – The Valley Boys
Best Free Dance – The Valley Boys
Best Step Down – The Valley Boys
Best off the shoulder – One Family
Best Lead Costume – The Valley Boys
Shirley Street – The Valley Boys
Best Overall Costume – One Family


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