Minister of Transport and Housing, the Hon. Jobeth Coleby Davis said the company advised government officials of the spill. “We’re advised that they also were having a separate operation going on from their terminal that was oil involved and their was some faulty valve or something and there was an incident with oil leaking and spilling out. It went on the platform, it went on one of the terminals and some of it went into the water.”

Coleby-Davis continued saying, “any sort of incident to the level is very concerning especially for our environment. And so the first thing for us to do is act fast and to be the support of the first responders. Obviously the first responders in this case would be the representatives from Buckeye who would have been onsite as soon as the incident happened. And so our team would be the second responders who were there as support, monitor and to provide information to execute and start the investigation so that we can make sure that we get proper clean up and it doesn’t spread.”

Buckeye Partners released a statement explaining the cause of the spill and the immediate remediation measures taken. The spill is estimated to be between five and ten barrels of product. Buckeye also said that the Grand Bahama Port Authority and the Department of Environmental Health Services were notified.


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