STATEMENT: Acting on the advice of Prime Minister Philip Edward Davis KC MP, His Excellency Sir Cornelius A. Smith has prorogued the current parliamentary session. The new session of Parliament will begin on 4th of October 2023.

Nearly two years ago, at the start of our New Day administration, our country was in serious crisis. We moved quickly – we lifted the curfew, ended the travel visa, ended the Emergency Orders, implemented free COVID testing, expunged records for minor breaches of the Emergency Orders, safely reopened both the economy and our schools, stabilized the nation’s finances, and raised the minimum wage.

We started an affordable housing programme, and a Catastrophic Health Care Fund, launched our nation’s Youth Guard, invested in our athletes and sports, signed 19 labour agreements, and undertook promotions and regularisations throughout our public service.

Our Blueprint for Change continues to provide the foundation for our progress, as we create job and ownership opportunities for Bahamians, invest in food security and in our Family Islands, advance infrastructure and renewable energy, and strengthen our borders.

Finally, the country is moving in the right direction. There is still so much work to do, and in the new session of Parliament, to begin on the 4th of October, we will prioritize legislation and policies which address the high cost of living, lift our people up, and strengthen our economic and national security.


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