A ceremony was held on the island of Bimini on Monday to handover the airport in South Bimini to Bimini Airport Development Partners (BADP) for redevelopment.

At the ceremony BADP Director, Jeremy Ebie said, “with the transfer of this ownership we commit to upholding the promise and the goal of local Bahamian participation in building, delivering and operating the airport.”

Ebie said the airport will be more than just a place of transit. “It will be a destination in its own right through local partnerships and thoughtful design we will transform it into a hub of activity offering world class activities, retail options and an overall experience that enriches the journey of travelers. We’re dedicated to ensuring that this airport becomes a beacon of efficiency, safety, convenience for all of those who pass through its gates.”

The BADP Director said fees will not be immediately raised at the airport.

Also on hand at the ceremony was Director of Aviation, Dr. Kenneth Romer. In his remarks he said, “residence of Bimini and Bahamian stakeholders however, must position themselves to take advantage of the many opportunities that this development and many others will present for this island. This is a time for Biminities to get a part and a piece of the economic pie.”

Chairman of the Airport Authority, Paul Bevans spoke with ZNS News on the sidelines of the event about the impact the airport will have on tourism. He said, “we have a lot of cruise ship passengers coming in but to increase the traffic now you’ll have airlines coming in. The partners, they’ve already started negotiating with various airlines to bring more visitors here to Bimini.”

Construction of the project is expected to be complete in 2025.


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