In a heartwarming display of holiday spirit, Mrs. Ann Marie Davis of the Office of the Spouse of the Prime Minister extended a personal invitation to representatives from local non-governmental and non-profit organizations to attend a special gathering on December 11, 2023 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: the gathering marked an occasion for Mrs. Davis to present donations to support local community initiatives ahead of the Christmas season.

The Office of the Spouse of the Prime Minister, a dedicated platform for philanthropic initiatives led by Mrs. Davis, orchestrated the giveaway to support and uplift the community during the festive period.  According to Mrs. Davis, fostering a sense of unity and compassion is a “fulfillment of the unwritten social contract that exists between the government and its people.”

“All of you are the symbolic gold standards of responsible citizenship, which is selfless and gratuitous service to others, which is an important element of nation building,” she said.

Reinforcing her own and the office’s steadfast support, Mrs. Davis applauded the NGOs for their vital contributions in addressing various societal needs.

“We support your good work and we commend the strong and visionary leadership that continues to drive and superintend the operations of these various organizations. We are indeed a stronger and more civil nation,” she said.

Donations were presented to: Unity House, Pat’s Senior Citizens Home, Hilltop Ministries, Persis Rodgers Home for the Aged, Bahamas Children’s Emergency Hostel, The Nazareth Centre, Elizabeth Estates Children’s Home, FOAM Bahamas and the Ranfurly Home for Children.

Mrs. Davis emphasized the importance of collective responsibility in building a stronger and more compassionate society.

“I challenge all in attendance to allow the spirit of Christmas, that is, the spirit of giving, sharing and volunteerism to become part of our daily lives as Christians.  Let us let every day be like Christmas,” she said.

By CARISSA WILLIAMSON/Bahamas Information Services


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