A group of uniquely abled employees at Cable Bahamas were recognized on Thursday for their stellar performance on the job. They may be differently abled but they’re making a big difference in the workplace.

On Thursday a group of uniquely abled employees, who are a part of the Public Service Professional Engagement Program here at Cable Group of Companies, were recognized for their stellar performance on the job.

Chief ALIV Officer John Gomez congratulating the 18 differently-abled employees at Cable Bahamas group of companies for their outstanding performances in the ongoing 52-week Professional Engagement Program.

It’s a partnership with the Public Service to allow those with special needs to contribute in a meaningful way.

Minister of State for Public Service Pia Glover-Rolle spoke to the success of the pilot program.

The employees who work in various departments within the company have all found a place to call their work home.

Program participants Preshell Ramsey-Miller and Allan Aranah say so far it has been a rewarding experience.


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