The Free National Movement the organization history of telling and churning lies across the country is nothing new.

On a bed of rumors and void of facts FNM Leadership on BIG SUNDAY is suggesting things about BPL that is NOT TRUE!

The Leader of the Opposition who is quickly picking up the record of telling lies like Minnis should know this about BPL: NO STAFF at BPL is being sent home. And the Corporation is NOT BEING SOLD! And anyone who suggest this is a stranger to the TRUTH!

BPL is on a path to modernize, upgrade and stay on the cutting edge to improve power services across the country. Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis KC has met with Union leaders over the weekend to assure them that no suggestion by Pintard and the gang of liars is the case.

BPL is being improved. Electricity bills are becoming more affordable as smart technology is being incorporated to keep power supply stable around the country.


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