As the contribution rate at the National Insurance Board (NIB) is set to increase on July 1st, NIB officials are also cracking down on the compliance of employers and self employed persons.

NIB Compliance Unit Senior Manager, Trevor Brice spoke with ZNS News about NIB’s compliance efforts. He said the National Insurance Act empowers the Board to prosecute persons in the court of law for failing to pay their contributions or failing to produce the C-10 records once they’ve been requested by an inspector or if they fail to register. They’re actually required to register their business initially once they begin operation within in ten days of beginning operation they’re required to register with the board and to begin to make those contribution payments.”

Brice also explained payment arrangements available to NIB. “Once the inspector has completed an assessment of the total arrears that employer or self employed person is asked to come up with 40% of the total arrears as a down payment on the installments. If we find that or if the employer has difficulty coming up with the 40% the Board is willing to negotiate and to come up with a reasonable amount that the person can come up with an initial payment. In terms of the payment period, the payment period can also be structured from twelve months to up to sixty months depending on the amount that’s outstanding.”

According to released figures, 333 persons who failed to pay contributions where taken to court between the months of January and May 2024.


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